Why It’s Important to Have a Look at the User Manual of Any New Appliance, Whether You Technically Know How to Use It or Not



No matter what kind of new appliance you get for your home, it is essential that you read the user’s manual, regardless of whether you already know how to use it or not. This is a piece of advice I give to all my clients, as, after I install their appliance, I am soon gone and I cannot tell them what to do in order to operate the appliance properly. Unfortunately, there are cases when a new appliance owner does not care about reading the manual and accidents may happen. But I am not going to just scare you or offer you cautionary tales. What I am here for is to explain the advantages of reading the user’s manual, when you purchase a new appliance.

First of all, you will be able to save yourself a lot of frustration. Let’s say, for the sake of the argument, that you have just purchase a new dishwasher, and it is now installed in your kitchen. You take a look at it, place some dishes inside, but, when you are about to hit the buttons, you realize that the symbols there seem like a bit of Chinese to you. That is why I tell my friends and my customers alike to just read the instructions manual provided by the manufacturer. The best way to get the best out of an appliance is by reading everything about the features it comes along with. It will definitely make your use of the machine more efficient and you will also experience more satisfaction with getting a new product.

Another thing that you will be saved from by reading the manual is not having to ask for help any time you happen on some troubleshooting issue. There is no point in always be all over the phone and beg for advice, just because you have no idea what your machine is doing.

There is a lot of useful information to gather from the instruction manual. First things first, you will learn about warranty details and under what circumstances you can benefit from free servicing from the manufacturer. If you do not read the instructions manual, you will not be able to tell whether your unit is malfunctioning or it is something that you are doing wrong when you are trying to operate it. Another piece of information that you should find useful is that the manual tells you everything there is to know about the extra accessories provided with your purchase. Once you spend a bit of money on a new appliance, it would be for the best to just take advantage of all that is supplied for your hard earned dollar.

I hope this advice will determine you to read the manual and take advantage of everything that is offered with a new buy.

Installing a Home Pizza Oven

As I said in my first blog post to introduce myself, my job is to help people install all kinds of appliances in their homes. In this post, I will tell you about getting a home pizza oven to someone who wanted to have the pleasure of cooking their own pizza in their back yard. It is always important to appeal to a certified specialist when you purchase more complicated cooking devices, since there are things to keep in mind.

My client from this time got himself a pretty nice looking pizza oven. The model he chose was the Camp Chef Italia Artisan, a model particularly great for making pizza the Italian style, but without having to burn wood. While you may hear plenty of people talking about how wood burning ovens are the best when it comes to baking pizza, not everyone can afford such a complicated contraption to take care of when not in use and so on. I usually recommend my clients to get pizza ovens that are easy to use, so they can truly cook their favorite Italian dish without having to deal with all kinds of unpleasant task.

So, as I was saying, my client got himself this gorgeous looking pizza oven and wanted to use it outside. I need to mention that this is a model that works on propane, so a container for propane is needed. Again, I always recommend using a propane container that comes from a certified source; in this case, a one pound disposable propane bottle was used to get the pizza oven going. I was pleased to find out that the manufacturer also supplied a regulator and a 5 foot hose along with the purchase, so I had something to work on.


Together with my client, we found a place for placing the oven. It had to be a sturdy table, so that the oven does not get toppled over by accident. My client has small kids, so that was an issue we had to keep in mind. I also found a safe place for keeping the propane bottle and I used the hose to create the perfect setup for the pizza oven. I also told my client to be very careful and to respect all the rules about manipulating propane each time he would use the pizza oven, as well as when going on trips, since this is a portable model.


Safety is extremely important and this is something you should never overlook when you are working with cooking appliances. Ask a specialist to install the pizza oven for you, and, when you need to move the pizza oven from one place to another, follow the instructions offered to the letter. This way, you will be safe.